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2000 Grand Rapids, MI
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ETC Show-within-a-Show winners at the POCI Convention held in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Every year the Early Times Chapter hosts a car show for members at the national convention, so bring your car and join the fun.
Third Place – Bill Harris, Mooresville, Indiana with a 1948 convertible. Out in the sun,
but still looking pretty cool, this ’48 had a color that was deeper and richer than the
newer car beside it!
Second Place – Bob Evarts, Burlington, Vermont with a 1941 coupe. Setting in a shady spot, this ’41 had some really nice highlights!
First Place – Don Shooter, Fayetteville, Arkansas with a 1939 convertible. Not the best picture, but he was on the move with a very nice running example of a pre-WW2 car!