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2005 Greenville, SC
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Every year the Early Times Chapter hosts a car show for members at the national convention, so bring your car and join the fun.
Annual Early Times Chapter Show, 2005

     Another POCI convention, another car show for the Early Times Chapter. This year featured an indoor show in Greenville South Carolina. Some of the photos will not actually show the true color of the car due to the artificial lighting inside the building.   As always, the show was open to Early Times members showing '26 to '54 Pontiacs in the stock classes. Both popular vote and points judged cars are eligible. This year members showed 10 cars and it was up to the chapter officers to pick out their three favorites.

     Interestingly enough, all three winners have won before, but not all of them with the cars they showed this time. Each winner received a beautiful silver serving dish engraved with the chapter logo and dated to commemorate the occasion.
First place this year goes to Andy Wise with his '26 two-door sedan. Andy is the only one to placed twice with the same car. Congratulations to all of our winners!
John Hoffmeyer took home the second place award with a '31 coupe. John has won a couple of times before with a '38 two door sedan.
In third place we had Bob Evarts showing a '39 four-door. In the past Bob has won with a '41 sport two door. Bob drives his cars everywhere!
Every year we do this and you to can be a part of our "Show Within a Show" by bringing your car to the POCI National Convention and being a member of the Early Times Chapter. A membership application can be found on our website and if you would like more information please contact me at dbluken@qconline.com