2005 Flathead Reunion
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2005 Flathead Reunion
      The very first Flathead Reunion was held in Zanesville, Ohio on September 8 thru 10, 2005. An event designed for Oakland and Pontiac automobiles featuring flathead motors. The steering committee (Arnold Landvoigt, Pete Woodruff, and David Luken) felt like there was no event that made these the featured cars and such an event was needed to help our segment of the hobby grow. Planning started in the late winter of 2003 and it all paid off as the Flathead Reunion ran smooth and everyone had a good time.

     The first day's activities included a bus trip to Longaberger Baskets for the ladies, a full day of seminars, which included a presentation by Charles Bolton, as well as a presentation on the GM Futureliner and period dress costumes. That evening we took the cars out for a spin and ended up at the home of Ron and Betsy Thomas for an outstanding picnic supper and some great times talking about the cars.

     On the second day there was a 75 mile round trip motor tour to Roscoe Village (a working 1800's community) and a ride on a canal boat drawn by horses. Although we did not have the fastest motorcade ever, we sure drew a lot of looks as we passed by!

     The last day was the car show. This show was set up to be a fun day, so there was no judging involved. If you wanted you could show up in costume appropriate for when your car was new and set up a small display of memorabilia as well, but you did not have to if you did not want to. Better than half the participants showed up in period dress. It was surely a site to see! The idea of a display show was to make it more fun and not have to worry about the car being perfect for the entire day. That evening we all gathered for coffee and deserts and handed out participation awards.

     As for the special awards, and there were only four, they went like this. Long distance trailered went to Rick and Michelle Shoestock who brought their '48 from North Carolina. Long distance driven went to Reid Williamson who drove his '48 all the way from Utah and back, a round trip of over 3400 miles. Best display Pre-war went to Andy and Karla Wise who brought a '26 Pontiac 2door sedan. Best display Post-war went to Marjo and Paul Prinzing and their '54 Faux Wood Station Wagon, complete with American Tourister luggage in the back.

     There were 33 registrations for the event, although not everyone who signed up for the event was able to make it. Some people did not bring their car, but rather came to enjoy the cars others had brought. Twenty-Two cars did come to the event at the height of $3.00 a gallon gas. There were three Oaklands, a '24, a '26, and a '28. On the Pontiac side there were two '26s, a '29, a '31, a '35, a '39, a '42, four '48s, two '50s, two '51s, a '52, a '53, and two '54s.

      Some interesting features of the event included a side by side comparison of a '26 Oakland and a '26 Pontiac. Then there was a photo display of the very first POCI convention brought by Bill Harris who just so happened to be driving the same car then as he is now. As could be expected, there was an overheating radiator, as well as a couple of other minor little problems with the cars. But nothing could stop us from completing our touring!

It is safe to say everyone who attended had a good time. Won't you come join us next year?

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