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2007 Flathead Reunion
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 Kalamazoo Michigan was our destination this year and the event came off very well. Paul and Marjo Prinzing did an excellent job scouting the area and providing us with entertaining and informative sights to see.

     Andi and I were able to arrive on Tuesday evening as planned, and met up with the Lukens’ and the Prinzings’ at the host hotel. Wednesday morning we launched all of our vintage Pontiacs for a trip to Saugatuck where we met up with Dwight and Nancy Ford from Missouri. You may remember Dwight’s ’27 Pontiac 4 door sedan from last year. We traveled to Saugatuck for the opportunity to go dune schooning. Our dune schooner was a ’67 Dodge Power Wagon with open seating for a dozen or more and the trip lasted about 45 minutes. It was rather like riding a rather slow roller coaster but the views were amazing.
      We filled the hotel bar on Wednesday evening for the meet and greet; nearly everyone registered was in attendance and we were off to a good start. The schedule followed the format of previous Reunions; so after sending the ladies off on a tour bus, the tech seminar began. John Sawruk led the discussion and the topics ranged from early Oaklands to the effects of modern gasoline on our vintage Pontiac fuel systems. John also had a taped interview of Charles “Boss” Kettering that I believe had been done in the late ‘50’s; he was relating his efforts to get automobile paint that would dry in something less than 30 to 60 days!
     The ladies returned from their wine tasting and antique shopping with an array of vintage hats. Lois Landvoigt took the floor, in period costume, for the clothing seminar and many of the other ladies modeled the hats they had just purchased.
     Friday dawned overcast as we caravanned to the Gilmore Museum for our first stop on the road trip. We did better then we have in years’ past and only had one vehicle break down on the road; a ’26 Oakland that we later learned had succumbed to a plugged fuel filter when a section of rubber hose dissolved. (John has been saying for years that you need to keep an eye on any synthetic rubber hoses!)
     Many of us were in costume since Paul and Marjo had arranged for a photographer to shoot everyone in front of the classic gas station on the grounds of the museum; quite a few of us posed with our cars parked at the authentic diner as well. Fortunately the diner was also fully operational and served a great lunch; we had a wonderful time eating there. The weather turned worse and we endured several heavy rain showers before it was time to leave for the short trip to the Kellogg home nearby. The Kellogg house wasn’t large by mansion standards, but it was very well built and had recently been restored to near original condition. We were split into 3 groups and treated to an informative tour.
     The Saturday car show was held at the Celery Flats Historical Area. It consists of a family home, a one room school, a barn converted into a theatre and a granary that were all moved onto the site. We parked around the central green and the mill served as our lunch room and shelter in case of rain. The weather remained beautiful but the mosquitoes were ferocious! Andi, Bobbi Luken and Marjo Prinzing caused quite a stir in the local community when they arrived fully costumed in our ’53 Chieftain to shop for soft drinks, ice and insect repellent. Unfortunately one of the bags was left behind at Walmart so Andi and Arn Landvoigt had to go retrieve it…in costume! Needless to say, the checkout lady remembered Andi and told her if she hadn’t come back, she planned to deliver it as soon as her shift ended.
     We concluded the evening with coffee and dessert at the hotel. Reid Williamson arrived unexpectedly from Ogden, Utah to capture the furthest driven award. Andy and Karla Wise took the long distance trailered award. Dwight and Nancy Ford received the Best Display Pre-War while Fred and Marilyn Lewis got the Best Post-War Display.
     Andy and Karla have also been scouting a site for the 2008 Flathead Reunion which will be held on September 4th 5th and 6th in St. Michaels, Maryland; on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay. The Reunion grows a little bit more with each passing year; if you can possibly attend, I’m certain that you won’t regret it!